Why Darts?

Darts: The year is 1986, I'm in my local bar. It's the kind of place you could leave your wallet full of money on the bar and it would still be there when you checked for it. It was a little hole in the wall, just neighborhood traffic from Kew Gardens, NY. Unfortunately, it's gone now, but I'll never forget it: Sidestreets.

As usual, I was playing pool. I was doing pretty good, winning most games, but the people I was playing with had to go. It was very early so there weren't many people there yet. There was a guy throwing darts by himself in the corner and he didn't seem to interested in pool. At the bar, was the retired crowd, their shift was soon to be over and another crowd would take over in an hour or so.

I said "what the heck" and wandered over to the guy playing darts, Tommy Cornell. I said, "I've never played before, but I'll play if you don't mind teaching me."

That was many years and several thousand games ago. I was instantly hooked. My pool game is terrible now, but, it was a choice I am very glad I made.

Darts is a very popular sport, most people don't realize how popular. With the advent of electronic darts, the popularity soared. All the places that were afraid to have people throwing pointed objects around while drinking now had an option. All around the world, in every walk of life, you'll find dart players. If you don't believe me, just check out Dartoid's travels, you won't believe some of the places he's played darts! I, myself, have played all around the U.S. and even in Seoul, Korea, Puerto Rico and Canada.

There are many reasons that darts is so popular and if you're considering taking up the game please consider the following:

Playing at a bar is FREE. Unless it's an electronic setup, in which case, it costs no more than the price of a pool game.

Compared to other "bar sports" it's NOTHING to setup a dart board at home. A typical board costs an average of $30-$60 and a good set of darts is $20-$30 and you can score on a piece of paper and use a piece of masking tape for a throw line. Know anywhere you can get a pool table, foosball, air hockey or shuffleboard setup that cheap? It also doesn't take up any room, you can even use the space for other things when not playing darts.

Unlike most sports, anybody, any size, any age, any weight, with almost any handicap can play darts, and be GOOD at it. I've seen people throw darts from a weelchair, on crutches and with a head brace (a huge ugly metal thing because he had a broken neck)! I've seen people from 8 to 80 play and play well at that. All it takes is practice.

There are games that may be played by any number of people, from 1 to 100. The only difference it makes is how long the games are going to take. Personally, I don't recommend more than 10 people on one dart board, but you could if you wanted to.

Darts develops hand/eye coordination, patience, motor-control, sportsmanship and is extremely relaxing.

With the guidance from this site and/or a friend who plays, you can certainly make darting one of your favorite pastimes and become quite skillful at it in very little time. Welcome to the world of darts, I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.

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