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Rules For Fifty-One In 5's

Fifty-One In 5's: This is a really fun game that may be played by any number of players. However, do not try to teach this game to anyone who has trouble with the math in x01 or someone who is drunk (not that dart players EVER drink). This game requires more thought about each throw than most.

The Object: Be the first player to reach a score of exactly 51.

The Scoring: Players names are written across the top of the board in playing order. Order is usually determined by throwing one dart at bullseye each, closest to the bullseye shoots first.

A running total is kept vertically below each player's name to show the current score he or she has.

The Play: Each player throws three darts trying to score a total of the three darts that is EXACTLY divisible by 5. If the player's total is not divisible by 5, all three darts do not count.

If the player's total is exactly divisible by 5, divide the total by 5 and that number is the score for the round. For example, a player throws a single 20, a single 20 and a single 5. The score for that player would be 9 (20+20+5=45 45/5=9).

If any one dart misses the board entirely, all three darts thrown in that round do not count.

To win the game, a total of 51 must be hit exactly. If the total ends up more than 51, all three of the darts thrown in that round do not count and the score remains the same.

Strategy: The two best places on the board to throw are at the 20/5 area or the 10/15 area. Each of these areas give a nice wide target where hitting either number leaves you divisble by 5.

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